The most shocking images of children in poverty.

The images of starving children around the world make many people unable to hold back their tears.

The image of children in the slums of Gauhati, India, dirty with rice, taken in July 2013
made many people sympathetic. It is known that the Indian government provides cheap food
to 800 million poor people every month

Children in the Gaza slums look through the barbed wire fence with longing eyes

An injured child with his body covered in blood in the November 2013 bombing in Peshawar, Pakistan

Many children follow fleeing women during a suicide bombing in Somalia on April 14, 2013

A 26-year-old father in India is helpless to care for his daughter with hydrocephalus
due to lack of money for treatment.

Pictures of children killed in NATO and Taliban attacks in April 2013
made many people sad. At least 10 children were killed in this attack

Children drink water in refugee camps in Sudan

Two girls in Afghanistan put their mother’s dress on their heads. Their poor situation
makes many people unable to hold back their tears

A child eats rice balls amid the desolation in the Santoshpur slum,
India, after the house was completely destroyed by the fire with at least 700 houses burned.

A child stands helpless with tears and wounds on his arm after the attack in Syria

Children walk on graves in Gao, Azawad

Image of a girl jumping rope next to Indian makeshift shelters. In India there are 800 million
poor people, they often go to other cities to earn a living but
still often suffer from homelessness.

Three other children point a “gun” at another boy in Gaza as an obsession with the
 violence that often takes place here.

A little girl hugs and comforts her brother in the Lebanese village of Delhamiyeh, Syria

A nurse measures the arm of a malnourished child in Sudan

Rescue workers hold a baby after a horrific crash when a bus plunged into a river,
killing 45 people in Guatemala

Another child is walking among the tents of refugees from Syria to Iraq

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