The ‘luxury’ life of the richest dog in the world

German Shepherd Dog Gunther IV is currently considered the richest dog in the world with a net worth of $375 million.

The world is full of pampered pets. Among these are dogs belonging to the “family” of Gunther dogs living in the US when fortunately inherited a fortune from a wealthy owner, according to Oddity Central news site .

The chance to become a “millionaire”

The story of the world’s richest dog “family” began in 1991, when the German countess Karlotta Leibenstein died. Due to lack of relatives to inherit her property, the countess decided to leave the entire estate to her pet dog, Gunther III.
Since then, Gunther III and later its descendants inherited a large fortune from the German countess Leibenstein, becoming the richest dog family on the planet .
Interestingly, the fortune that Gunther III inherited in the 1990s was estimated at $100 million, but the people tasked with managing that fortune have helped increase the value of this fortune to nearly 100 million USD. 4 times since then.
Gunther IV, a descendant of Gunther III, is currently worth $375 million.
Gunther IV is living in a luxury villa in Miami (Florida state, USA), with full care staff, including a maid and a private butler.

The “pretty boys” serving Gunther IV dogs at the pool at their villa

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According to news site Oddity Central , the mansion of the richest dog in the world is 7,000 square meters , bought from singer Madonna in 2000 for $7.5 million.
Gunther IV mainly plays in its master bedroom, while the rest of the house is rented out for filming.
Gunther IV also spends time swimming in the villa’s swimming pool, commuting in limousines and enjoying scrumptious dishes such as high-quality steaks, caviar and bottled water….
Gunther IV has a personal maid who regularly follows his uncle to clean, a housekeeper serving daily living needs, as well as ensuring round-the-clock security .

Own both… business corporation

Gunther IV also owns its own corporation, with staff managing the assets and ensuring that the Gunther family’s wealth is constantly growing.
According to legal experts, animals cannot directly own financial assets , but they can inherit assets through pet trusts created by owners. The trustee determines how much and when to spend the funds, while the primary caretaker claims those payments and is directly responsible for the dogs’ well-being.

Gunther IV the dog has its own butler

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Finally, an executor – named in the will or appointed by the court – ensures that the trust is properly managed and that the funds are used only for the benefit of the sole beneficiary, those are animals.
In many cases, pet owners limit the trustee’s ability to withdraw funds from the pet fund to a number of years (usually the heir’s estimated lifespan), to prevent fraud.
There were also cases where the pet died, but the people tasked with managing the fund replaced it with another animal, just so they could continue to exploit this wealth. In such cases, the above amount will be donated to a specific charity.

Gunther IV dog wears sunglasses while sunbathing

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In the case of Gunther III, the original heir to the countess Leibenstein’s estate, it was stipulated that the money would be passed on to her descendants. That’s how Gunther IV became the richest dog in the world after his father Gunther III passed away.
Interestingly, Gunther IV is said to be the CEO of Gunther Corporation, the company that manages the huge wealth of the Gunther “family”, which mainly invests money in profitable business ventures.
Gunther IV’s company Gunther Corporation invested in a number of projects such as buying a football club in Tuscany (Italy) or producing a theatrical show called Burgundians, which increased his fortune. clan” Gunther from the original $100 million to nearly $380 million today.

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