“Pirates of the Caribbean” kisses male MC on TV

In the late night TV show Jimmy Kimmel Live ! On the ABC channel  of 47-year-old male MC Jimmy Kimmel last night of September 10, the guest star was Pirates of the Caribbean star , 52-year-old talent Johnny Depp. 

Sweet kiss of Johnny Depp (left) and MC Jimmy Kimmel.

As soon as he appeared, Johnny Depp gave a sweet kiss to the handsome MC. This is the 3rd time the two have a “lip lock” in the above program.

Before that, they freely kissed on the lips during the broadcast on April 7, 2014. The two also mentioned their first kiss in 2013: “I hate to start something negative or seem awkward,” Jimmy shared.

Kiss in 2013.

The kiss took place hastily in 2014.

After two kisses of two men, Jimmy Kimmel began to lead the guest and audience of the show: “There are many handsome guys in Hollywood and there are also many boys who make women fall in love. “.

Next, Jimmy introduced the appearance of one of the “memorable” actors for many female fans, actor Johnny Depp.

In this program, Johnny also shared about the noisy new event between him and his wife Amber Heard earlier this summer.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard and their dog smuggling case

Accordingly, the bisexual actress is at risk of having to “sit on the calendar” before the accusation of smuggling two dogs in Australia. However, “Captain Jack Sparrow” insists that they have all the documents to buy and sell when they own two dogs and appear in public.

The 52-year-old actor also threatened that if his wife was arrested, he would definitely fly to Australia to “attack the person who did this”. This is the way the actor deliberately wanted to “reunite” with his wife in prison.

However, for now, the trial in the case involving actress Amber will be adjourned until November this year, while Johnny Depp has not been charged in the case.

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