‘I had a post-divorce glow-up – people say I went from Liz Truss to Megan Fox’

A woman has gone viral after her epic post-divorce glow-up that saw people claim she’d transformed from Liz Truss to Megan Fox.

Marissa Jeanelle shared a video showing her unrecognisable transformation since she split from her ex-husband.

In the clip, which has gained 27,000 likes, she showed a photo of herself wearing a brown jacket over a floral dress and had pale skin with red hair.

The voice-over on the on TikTok video said: “I miss the girl you were.”

She then lip-synced, “I gutted that b***h from the inside out,” before showing her 55,000 followers how she looks now.


Marissa Jeanelle took to TikTok to share a video showing her post-divorce glow up
(Image: @marissa.jeanelle/TikTok)

The short red hair was gone, replaced with long black locks, and she is now covered in tattoos and piercings.

She has also completely changed her style as she was seen wearing a black crop top and chaps-style jeans.

Over the clip, she wrote: “When you run into someone who knew you pre-divorce.”

TikTok users were wowed by her transformation as they flocked to the comments to give their opinions.

One user said: “Liz Truss to Megan Fox.”

Another added: “Girl I need you to come give me a makeover because of OH MYYY.”

“I literally dropped my jaw,” a third wrote.

A fourth commented: “Glow-ups after breakups are real!”

A fifth cheered: “Good on you for finding your amazing self and setting her free!! You’re stunning.”


People said in the comments section that Marissa went from “Liz Truss to Megan Fox”
(Image: @marissa.jeanelle/TikTok)

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