Chris Hemsworth does not want his daughter to lose her childhood because of acting-Lam

Actor Chris Hemsworth is proud of his 11-year-old daughter India’s excellent performance in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’, but he does not encourage her to continue acting.

“I want her to have a childhood. I think India wants that too,” Chris Hemsworth told ET reporter while attending an event in Brazil last week.

The actor said that when his daughter is older and may want to do many things, he will give her a chance. “But for now I say: There’s still time, baby. Go to school, ride a horse, have fun and be a kid. Because once the train has rolled, it’s very difficult to get off and you’ll miss a lot. stuff,” Chris said.

Chris Hemsworth and his daughter.

Last year, India – the eldest daughter of Chris Hemsworth and actress Elsa Pataky – made an impression when playing the daughter of the god-slayer Gorr, who later became Thor’s adopted son. India only appeared at the beginning and end of the film for a few minutes, but left its mark with a natural, lively performance and a pretty face.

Chris said that according to the original script, India had very few scenes, so he invited his children to participate as an experience, unexpectedly “the character was expanded due to the change in the story”. The actor said: “I asked India: ‘Do you want to do some lines in the movie? And the girl replied: ‘Yes, great!’ Then she acted professionally and loved it. there”.

Chris Hemsworth and his wife also have twins Sasha and Tristan, 7 years old. The star couple and three children currently live in Byron Bay, Australia, Chris’ hometown. The children have a rustic, everyday life by the sea, taught by their parents to ride horses, fish, surf and swim since childhood.

When talking about the possibility of filming with his wife in the future, the 39-year-old actor is very excited. “I’m open to all!” he said. “Someone has to write a script. I’m not a writer, but I can put some ideas on paper and send them to the screenwriter.”

Chris Hemsworth and his wife, Elsa Pataky, at the premiere of Extraction 2 in Berlin, Germany June 9.

Chris Hemsworth is currently the star of Netflix’s blockbuster action movie Extraction 2 . Meanwhile, last year Elsa Pataky also starred in the action thriller Interceptor on this streaming platform. Elsa – the Spanish star loved by the audience in the series Fast and Furioius – took a few years off from acting to take care of her family but decided to return when she found a suitable project to film in Australia.

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